Not Receiving Enough Post Likes, Comments, & Shares?


How can you be sure your posts are being seen by your fans & receive “likes”?

1) Keep It Short; posts between 100-250 characters get most likes, shares, & comments.

2) Be Visual; posts with pictures & videos get more engagement, but even links with thumbnail pictures will be beneficial.

3) Ask For What You Want; opinion-driven questions draw in more engagement.

4) Post Daily; I can’t over state this enough. If you’re not giving your fans something to see everyday, they might forget about you.

5) Be Relevant & Helpful; post information *related* to your brand, but not directly about your brand. For example, if you’re in the mortgage business, post information about remodeling or interior design. Helpful tips perform best.

6) Be Timely; discover what time your fans are online & stick with them. You can do this by seeing what time your most successful posts were made, then keep posting during that time period, but be flexible…if they change times, you need to change the time you’re posting!  Always monitor your progress.


About aliromarketing

Aliro Marketing assists local businesses to increase brand awareness through social media that will ultimately increase sales and traffic to their stores and websites.
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