Social Media Etiquette

Social Media Etiquette

Do you say “thank you” when people compliment your hair or outfit, or the job you performed?  Then you should be carrying over those same manners into your relationships online.  This shows your integrity and passion for customer service and is a personal touch that the larger companies don’t often do.  Customers will see this and want to give their business to a company who actually cares about the people.

I am constantly surprised at how people online think that because others can’t see you, it’s ok to not be polite or thorough.  Here are some of my top etiquette rules:

1) Say “Thank You!”  I always say that if people in real life compliment your outfit, you say thank you; be sure to do this when others like your post, share your post, or follow/like you!

2) Don’t use numbers in your sentences or speak caveman.  “That’s gr8” or “Ur gr8”.  It’s hard to read, unprofessional, and lazy.  “Ur gr8” should be reserved for those chalky conversation hearts at Valentine’s Day.

3) Spell check and look for errors like “your” vs. “you’re”.  Your computer can’t tell the difference, so it’s up to you to know which one to use when.

4) Think before sending; Re-read & re-read again.  Is this really what you want the world to see?  How does it represent your business?  Don’t hurt your brand; it’ll hurt your sales & reputation!

5) Foster goodwill among other businesses by sharing relevant information that your customers will enjoy; you share their info, they’ll share yours!

It’s all about the relationships you build & connect with online in the Social Media world–it’s the only way to succeed.


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Aliro Marketing assists local businesses to increase brand awareness through social media that will ultimately increase sales and traffic to their stores and websites.
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