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Did you know that Sharing other companies posts on Facebook & Twitter fosters goodwill and encourages reciprocate sharing of your news & events?  It’s part of the unspoken rules of Social Media Etiquette and what helps make your posts go viral to be seen by more people.

Sharing other company’s content shows other the businesses in your community that you care about more than just your business.  After all, if bringing new customers into the area is good for your business, it’s probably good for the other businesses too, huh?  And if you are proactive in sharing the content, I promise the other companies will notice and start sharing your content.  Maybe not today, but if you continue to share relevant information, they will.  Organic activity is always better than paid and this is why.  No company is an island; we need each other to survive in today’s economy.

So don’t just shout out your news to people expecting them to respond…share other company’s info to show you care about content & others businesses.  Business Karma will thank you!  😀


About aliromarketing

Aliro Marketing assists local businesses to increase brand awareness through social media that will ultimately increase sales and traffic to their stores and websites.
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